Voice your support for the Tongass.

Hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens have voiced concern over the management of the Tongass National Forest. Now, it’s the Music Industry’s turn.

We encourage you to sign the Musicians for Forests Petition.

Recognizing the need for reform, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) took steps in 2013 to amend the Tongass Land Management Plan. They now have a draft plan with enhanced protections for the old-growth forest. The problem is: it’s a draft.

Until the new plan is solidified, the USFS may continue to make timber sale agreements under pre-existing rules. Which means . . . unless the draft plan is solidified and enacted by the November elections, leases may continue to be sold, permitting clearcutting for 20, 25, 30 years, or more.

The USFS and Congress need to hear a clear message: end the clearcutting of old-growth Sitka spruce stands as soon as possible.

Our voice can drastically impact leaders in the US Department of Agriculture, USFS, as well as key Congressmen and women, all of whom play a major role in determining the fate of the Tongass.

Vote With Your Dollars. Request Clearcut Free Instruments from your Musical Instrument Retailers.

Consumers hold the greatest ability to control the Industry at the top tiers. You have the power to ask how the wood used in guitar production was harvested. And to decline to purchase any guitar crafted after 2016 with unsustainably harvested tonewood. Ask retailers how tonewood was harvested and if they offer sustainable instruments.

If a guitar was built with clearcut old-growth Sitka spruce after 2016, DO NOT BUY IT.

Sign the Musicians for Forests Petition.

Check out participating Manufacturers/Suppliers and Musicians.

To read about Sustainable Forestry Practices and acoustic guitar-crafting, read here.

As an acoustic guitar industry, let’s declare that from 2016 onward we will stop sourcing any clearcut old-growth Sitka. For those companies with clearcut inventory, grandfather stock into production planning, but consider sustainable approaches to obtaining this prized tonewood.

From this year onward, we encourage guitar manufacturers to place a moratorium on clearcut old-growth timber from the Tongass.

Almost every major guitar manufacturer in the United States obtains old-growth Sitka spruce from the Tongass National Forest. We can continue to produce and sell quality instruments while saving our crown jewel National Forest.

View list of supporting manufacturers, supplies and MI companies.

Given our awareness and our adaptability, why are we using guitars made from unsustainably harvested ancient trees?

Join us in placing a moratorium on the purchase of instruments made from clearcut old-growth Sitka spruce. Ask the manufacturer of your guitars if their instruments are crafted with clearcut old-growth Sitka. If the answer is “Yes,” request they produce another one for you without it.

Spread the word. Talk to manufacturers and inform your fans!

Let your fans know your instruments are free of clearcut, old-growth wood. Encourage them to make similar decisions when purchasing acoustic guitars.

This movement isn’t asking musicians to put down beloved instruments or trash guitars that weren’t crafted from sustainably harvested timber. It would be wasteful to throw away amazing instruments that have served us well. Rather, Musicians for Forests seeks to unite us all in being more aware of our guitar consumption patterns from 2016 onward.

Artists recognize that in order for there to be true integrity in their craft that they must take a stand for old-growth forests.

Sign the Musicians for Forests Petition.

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