Supporting Musicians
Supporting Musicians

Musicians, ask the companies building your guitars to not use clearcut old-growth Sitka spruce.

To play a guitar is to channel a forest.

Musicians tap a higher consciousness to create art. Creating high art requires awareness. We as artists are doubtlessly aware—fickle, some would say—when it comes to choosing a guitar with a specific tonewood that will carry our messages. Music is also a highly adaptable art form. A musician understands adaptation as few do.

Given our awareness and our adaptability, why are we using guitars made from unsustainably harvested ancient trees?

Join us in placing a moratorium on the purchase of instruments made from clearcut old-growth Sitka spruce. Ask the manufacturer of your guitars if their instruments are crafted with clearcut old-growth Sitka. If the answer is “Yes,” request they produce another one for you without it.

Spread the word. Talk to manufacturers and inform your fans!

Let your fans know your instruments are free of clearcut, old-growth wood. Encourage them to make similar decisions when purchasing acoustic guitars.

This movement isn’t asking musicians to put down beloved instruments or trash guitars that weren’t crafted from sustainably harvested timber. It would be wasteful to throw away amazing instruments that have served us well. Rather, Musicians for Forests seeks to unite us all in being more aware of our guitar consumption patterns from 2016 onward.

Artists recognize that in order for there to be true integrity in their craft that they must take this stand for old-growth forests. Sign the Musicians for Forests Petition.

Learn more about why musicians must consider this issue. Read the article.

Musicians joining the stand for the Tongass include:

Dave Matthews

Zach Gill (ALO and Jack Johnson)

Adam Gardner

Dean Dillon

Dave Gulick (Derby)

Eva Holbrook (SHEL)

Lucinda & Michael

Cali Conscious

Tim Farris (One Ton Pig)

Nick Nassuet

Alex Kash

Annette Conlon

Jay Howlett

Wrinkle Neck Mules

Tim Coffey (Coyote Willow)

Rick LD Wayne

Olivia Frances

Daron Macke

Cody Joe Hodges

Hideyo Moriya (California Guitar Trio)

Katie Garibaldi

Brandon Parr


John Sherry

John Bartus

Krista Parrish

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