Vote With Your Dollars. Request Clearcut Free Instruments from your Musical Instrument Retailers.

What do you want in an acoustic guitar? Great tone? A comfortable fit? These are all critical factors in choosing the right instrument. But add a question to your list: How was this guitar made?

Consumers hold the greatest ability to control the Music Industry at the top tiers. You have the power to ask retailers and manufacturers how the wood used in guitar production was harvested.

You can decline to purchase any guitar crafted after 2016 with unsustainably harvested tonewood. Ask retailers how tonewood was harvested and if they offer sustainable instruments.

If a guitar was built with clearcut old-growth Sitka spruce after 2016, DO NOT BUY IT.

Sign the Musicians for Forests Petition: Click here.

Check out participating Manufacturers/Suppliers and Musicians.

To read about Sustainable Forestry Practices and acoustic guitar-crafting, read here.

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